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It’s a big job to manage all the maintenance and upkeep that goes into your lake or pond.  Which is why MD Aquatics is Nebraska’s premier service provider for breathtaking lakes and ponds.  Relieve your water management headaches with our professional lake management and pond management services.  There is a science in maintaining a healthy lake or pond, so let us turn your green body of water to clean!  We’ll keep your lake or pond looking like paradise so all you have to worry about is continuing to make life-long memories with your family and friends.

Lake and Pond Solutions

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For lake and pond owners and managers, maintaining a healthy and beautiful lake or pond is essential for preserving the aesthetic appeal and ecological balance of your body of water. That’s where MD Aquatics comes in. We offer complete comprehensive lake and pond management services to help our clients achieve and maintain a healthy and sustainable water body.

MD Aquatics understands the unique challenges that come with managing a lake or pond. From algae blooms and aquatic weeds to sediment buildup and water quality issues, there are a myriad of factors that can impact the health and vitality of a water body. That’s why we offer a range of services to address these challenges and keep our clients’ lakes and ponds in top condition. Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing top-notch services that improve water quality, preserve natural habitats, and enhance the overall aesthetics of your water properties.

Fountain & Aerator Installation

Fountains & Aeration Systems

Lake and pond fountains are beautiful to look at, but they also help promote clean water.  When a body of water doesn’t have enough oxygen, it can face various problems with its quality, such as the growth of unattractive algae or aquatic weeds. Aeration is a great solution to boost oxygen levels in the water as well as enhance water circulation.  The result?  A more balanced ecosystem. A well-aerated environment prevents algae growth, keeps the water clear, and supports the health of fish and other aquatic creatures.  Unfortunately, sometimes property owners are unaware of the dual benefit of not only enhancing the beauty of your pond with a fountain, but also reinforcing a healthy and balanced body of water. 

Aerial view of a pond aeration system, pond fountain services in Nebraska
pond dredging and sediment removal


Lake Dredging &

Pond Dredging

Over time, lakes and ponds tend to get murky and overgrown with algae, resulting in the accumulation of sediment which can affect your water quality, oxygen levels, pond depth, seaweed growth, and the general health of your water. Dredging is the process of removing sediment, debris, and other materials from the bottom of your pond or lake. This process helps to improve circulation and aeration in your pond, and is an important step in lake and pond management in preventing your pond from becoming stagnant and unattractive.

Lake Surveying

Pond & Lake Mapping

Lake mapping plays an important role in properly managing your pond or lake, improving your fishing experience, and maintaining the health of your aquatic ecosystem. This process involves the measurement of water depth, volume, plant coverage and amount of collected sediment at the bottom of your pond or lake.  This information is then used to determine a lake management plan which could include items such as fountain or aeration systems, seaweed and algae management, sediment removal or dredging, fish restocking, shoreline restoration, weed, algae, and phosphorus control, and more.

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Weed, Algae, and Phosphorous Control

Algae & Seaweed

Algae are usually found in two forms: phytoplankton, which are tiny aquatic plants that float freely, and filamentous algae. Filamentous algae initially grow on the bottom of ponds and lakes, but eventually detach and float to the surface, forming unsightly mats of algae. Some blue green algae, also known as cyanobacteria, have the ability to produce cyanotoxins, which are toxins or poisons. When these algae are in their toxic form, they can pose a threat to humans, pets, waterfowl, and other animals that come into contact with them. It’s important to note that toxic blooms of blue green algae can even be fatal to livestock and pets if they consume the contaminated water.

Pond & Lake Retaining Walls

Sea Walls

Sea Walls are also sometimes called retaining walls or embankments. They’re typically found parallel to the shoreline of the pond or lake, and protect against land erosion and flooding. Retaining walls also bring an aesthetic visual to your property. They can be constructed using many different materials including stone to concrete.

Home waterfront seawall, retaining wall, pond embankment, lake seawall
Home waterfront seawall, retaining wall, pond embankment, lake seawall


Dock Repair, sea wall repair & MORE

Underwater Work

We provide underwater dock, sea wall, and irrigation intake restoration and repairs. In addition to seawall, dock, and intake inspections and intake cleaning services.


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